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Ausgewählte Publikationen der Arbeitsgruppe Marine Klimaforschung


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    Stichwörter:  AMOC; deglacial; deepwater temperatures; stable isotopes; North Atlantic 
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    Stichwörter:  paleoceanography; numerical modeling; oxygen minimum zones 
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    Stichwörter:  10.1002/2014PA002637 and deglacial; Holocene; subtropical gyre; meltwater; Azores Front; AMOC 


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    - 170 Seiten. 
    Stichwörter:  Paleoceanography; AMOC; subtropical gyre; deglacial; multiproxy SST; BWT; stable isotopes; planktonic and benthic foraminifera; Paläozeanographie; AMOC; subtropische Gyre; Deglazial; Multiproxy SST; BWT; stabile Isotope; planktische und benthische Foraminiferen
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    Stichwörter:  Coccolithophores; Paleoproductivity; Paleoceanography; MIS 5.5 
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    Stichwörter:  Azores Front Holocene North Atlantic; coccolithophores; deglacial; paleoproductivity 
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