Marine Klimaforschung


  • Cycling of trace elements in submarine hydrothermal systems at oceanic spreading centres (Mid-Atlantic-Ridge, Logatchev and Kolbeinsey), Red Sea hot brines), hot spots (Pitcairn, Teahitia), and Lake Taupo/NZ   
  • Geochemistry of trace elements in MORB, plume-, and subduction-related magmas
  • Release and cycling of trace elements in the Central American fore arc,
  • Trace element cycling in freshwater lakes and the marine environment, redox chemistry of trace elements in diagenetic pore fluids
  • Development of new analytical techniques and procedures for the determination of trace elements in all kinds of geological, biological and environmental samples applying ICP-MS, ICP-OES and other atomic spectroscopic techniques
  • New calibration strategies for laser ablation in situ-microanalysis of geological and environmental samples
  • Development of inert fluid sampling systems deployed from submersible JAGO, and ROVs Cherokee, Quest, Kiel6000