Marine Klimaforschung

Training & Education

  • Introduction to climate dynamics & climate modeling
    This online textbook by Goosse H., P.Y. Barriat, W. Lefebvre, M.F. Loutre and V. Zunz was initially compiled to be read by master students of physics. It is offered by the Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics Georges Lemaître of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, for public use.
  • NASA Oceanography
    A piece from NASA's programme for higher education. Read about physical properties of the ocean, about climate variability, the water and carbon cycles and El Niño. 
  • Milankovitch cycles - animation
    En excerpt from the online text book "Essentials of Geology" by Stephen Marshak, published in 2001. The animation shows the effects of eccentricity, obliquity (tilt) and precession in a flash animation which includes explanatory texts. The full online book is available here.
  • The other CO2-Problem
    An animated film about ocean acidification produced by a team of British school children.