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Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse KaffeeBiomarker lab


Biomarkers in sediments occur in low concentrations, but still a large number of organic compounds can be detected in the lab. Examples for biomarkers are, next to alkenones, also methyl- steroloids and isoprenoids. Employing such markers it is possible to analyse the spatial distribution of organisms that drive biosynthesis in the ocean. A prerequisite for a compound to serve as a biomarker is the resistance to microbial decay by organisms.

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ICP-MS-LaborImagebild zum ICP-MS-Labor (Plasmaflamme)

The ICP-MS lab of the Christian Albrechts University Kiel is set-up to perform elemental analyses of a wide range of geological, marine, and environmental samples. The cooperation of industrial partners and academia encompasses also the analysis of ultra-clean material, biological and medical samples.

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