Marine Klimaforschung

betreute Arbeiten

  • Johan Etourneau: Nitrogen cycling in lower-latitude upwelling systems related to Plio-Pleistocene climate change, Dissertation, defended in July 2009
  • Elfi Mollier-Vogel: Centennial to millennial scale climate change and low-latitude oxygen minimum conditions, Dissertation
  • Veronica Rohde Krossa: Mid-Holocene climate variability in northern Germany and the adjacent ocean
  • Camille Butruille:Mid Holocene climate variability in nothern Germany and adjacent ocean
  • Emma Khadun: Land-ocean climate linkages in south-east Africa during the last 50.000 years
  • Jeroen van der Lubbe: Geochemical and Lithogenic Provenance Study and Late Quarternary Zambezi Sediment Discharge